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Inspirational Woman of the Quarter; Emma Power


Emma Power MIRPM AssocRICS, is one of the leading women in the leasehold investment arena and now sits in one of the most coveted chairs in the management and acquisitions sector. But Emma didn’t just wake up one day and become one of the most respected women in leasehold. It has been an arduous and inspiring journey, that just goes to prove, that great women can (and will) do great things.

In 2003 Emma joined Freehold Managers PLC (FMP) leaving behind a successful hospitality business to broaden her knowledge and skills. Starting out Emma worked on ancillary income generation, covering all things from consents to notices, sublet to deeds. Once that was nailed Emma started to look for her next challenge and identified a need surrounding the new acquisitions process. Emma created her own role to streamline and improve the acquisitions handover process and ensure that FMP were seen as one of the easiest and most reliable companies to work with, both for sellers and leaseholders.

Given her overwhelming success at improving the company processes and her in-depth knowledge of the company’s operations and expectations, it wasn’t too long before Emma found herself working on acquisition deals. Meeting sellers, agreeing pricing and terms and getting to play with ‘the big boys’ gave Emma an amazing sense of accomplishment. Being one of the only women players in the acquisitions arena was intimidating but invigorating and if anything provided Emma with a greater passion to succeed.

As the fund grew so did FMP and in 2011 Emma was promoted to Associate Director and was asked to oversee various areas of the business including property management and lease compliance. This was a challenge for Emma, with a lot to change and streamline, but as she said “Along with my team and peers, we transformed the business and the quality of our portfolio, allowing us to give what is considered an industry leading service to our fund and our leaseholders. I am incredibly proud of what my teams and I have achieved.”

September 2016 called for more change for Emma in her FMP role as she was asked to take on the acquisitions role again. Since this time, only some 6 months ago, Emma has made a massive impact on the sector. Through her ability to build excellent relationships Emma has started to re-establish FMP in the market as one of the go-to ground rent investors and has grown the acquisitions pipeline by over 350%. Incredible. And she is still only one of a handful of women in a sea of men.

Emma has also been a tremendous supporter of Doyenne and has been keen to give back to others. When asked why Emma said “I was enthused by its objectives and resolve, the message being to empower women as opposed to being anti-man. I thoroughly enjoy not only meeting professionals that I may otherwise not have encountered at Doyenne’s events, but similarly I enjoy being able to offer advice and guidance to my fellow Doyennes about my experiences in the hope that it helps them overcome a situation they may have at work. I’m beyond flattered and honoured to be named woman of the quarter.”

Dot, the latest addition to the Power family!!

Well Emma, we are beyond flattered and honoured to have you. You are an inspiration to us as founders, all our Doyennes and women everywhere. Even in the face of gender adversity you are proof that hard work, motivation and the confidence to sit at the table can pay off.

So here is to Emma Power, woman, associate director, leader, daughter, sister, friend, dog owner and Doyenne Inspirational Woman of the Quarter. Can’t wait to see what gets added to list next…!

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