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Inspirational Woman of the Quarter: Emma Peach

Emma Peach MIRPM AssocRICS, Associate Director, Warwick Estates -Inspirational Woman of the Quarter, August 2018


Emma thank you for your support of Doyenne and congratulations on being our “Inspirational Woman of the Quarter” It is easy to understand why Emma has been nominated, she shows a clear interest in helping others which is at the heart of Doyenne’s core values.

How did you get into the industry?

Like most of us, I entered the industry by accident. I was planning to take a year off work and became bored being at home, so I applied for a part time back office job. When I arrived at the company I learnt that I would be assessing leases. I was there for three months before anyone told me that the company were managing agents or what they did. I actually hated the job, but I had started to become intrigued about residential block management, so I left to apply for a job as an APM but was offered a PM role.

What was your journey like to senior management and were there any struggles you faced getting there?

After becoming a PM I made it my mission to learn not only my job but also become involved with the industry that I was now part of. I listened to others and took on board their advice. It took me 6 months to stop questioning if I had taken on more than I could handle but things took a positive turn and I started to really enjoy being a PM and see results.

The struggles where within my own mind, in the first year or two I questioned my ability to learn so much whilst juggling being a mum to a teenager and if it would ever become second nature.

My journey to senior management was built on hard work and trust, trust in those that I worked for and them in me. I became a Senior PM and covered two periods of my Regional Managers sabbatical leave, after the second period of me being acting Regional Manager there was no going back as I loved working with others and being in a position to be able to help and mentor others in their achievements, so, when the position of Regional Manager became available I didn’t hesitate to go for it.

I found that there were a few people that didn’t take me seriously at first and wanted to talk to my boss, they expected to be passed to a man, but I ignored this, I explained my position and let my work speak for itself. I enjoyed making decisions and creating routines that had positive results for me and the teams that I worked within.

What achievements are you most proud of?

My IRPM & AssocRICS qualifications, I didn’t further my education after GCSE’s and I went straight to work as a Junior Secretary. I had a love/hate relationship with the IRPM study plan but worked my way through it with the help of lots of chocolate!

What keeps you motivated in your role?

Doing the right thing and working towards the right outcomes keeps me motivated. It’s important to remind yourself of your desired outcomes and to be mindful that they may not be the same as others around you and that’s ok.

It helps to surround yourself with positive and interesting people.

I sometimes look back at my achievements and remind myself how lost I felt in the beginning and how I overcame those feelings as it gives me motivation to try new things knowing that I have the ability to succeed if I work hard enough.

What would be your top tip for others, to help them achieve success in the industry?

Stay focused but also be opened minded. Find what works for you, there are lots of paths that we can take in this industry and they do not need to be the typical APM/PM/RM route, there are some great opportunities to work client side or in another field such as health & safety or part of the legal services.

I would always advise others to remember that we are not just working with bricks and mortar but with people’s assets and homes.

Respect all your industry peers and colleagues regardless of title or responsibility.

Also, be kind – always!

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