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Au Revoir 2017...

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Emma Blaney looks back at the highs and lows of 2017. Authored by Emma Blaney, Founding Member and Founder and Director of Productive Property People.


WOW! As I write this final blog of 2017 I must say I am still somewhat in denial. I keep waiting for someone to shout ‘BAZINGA- its only July silly!’. I just cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by. I am now beginning to understand the saying ‘time goes quicker with age’. My solution; no more ageing (now I just need a mad scientist who can make that happen).

Despite flying by 2017 has been a truly great year. In July, we were the proud sponsors of the first ever ARMA Ace Awards Property Woman of the Year, announcing Emily Orner as the deserved winner. In addition to this prestigious award, we also recognised three other inspirational women in the sector, Alice Cadfan-Lewis, Emma Power and Janie Strange. All four of these incredible ladies bring something different to the leasehold sector but all of them are proof that with hard work and dedication you can achieve just about anything!

We have also hosted two successful, well attended events in London thanks to our sponsors Warwick Estates and Block Recruit. Once again, we would like to say a huge thank you for their generosity and support of our mission to connect women from across the leasehold sector; nothing we do would have been possible without our sponsors. And of course, a massive thank you for all those who attended, we hope you enjoyed and had the opportunity to connect with other like-minded professionals in the industry.

For me, personally, this year has been somewhat of a blur. I appear to have broken the cardinal rule in productivity; I spread myself far too thinly! Don’t get me wrong it’s been a great year and, overall, very successful but this has come at the expense of most of my personal time and my ability to invest in my business. Seeing friends, family, oh and sleeping have been somewhere at the bottom of a list of 200 other things that need to be done. So, in preparation for 2018 I have spent the last few weeks re-evaluating what is not only important to me but also what is achievable.

My friends are reaching massive life milestones, buying houses and having babies and I want to be there (they aren’t going to have another auntie with hair this cool)!! Although I have had a successful first year in business this has been thanks to a couple of major contracts, next year I want to spread the productivity to all the property people. And then there is studying; my continual pursuit of self-betterment that I don’t think will ever be finished!

For all those that know me, you will know what an important part Doyenne has played in my life over the last two years. The success of women in our sector is something I am unbelievably passionate about (after all I am one) and I have dedicated a huge amount of my time and energy in an effort to grow and develop our community. But for 2018, well, uhh, oh just spit it out already; my time as an active founder has sadly come to an end. (Phew, that’s a weight off!)

Making this decision was not easy but a necessary evil to give me time to get some proper focus, produce great results and spend time with those I love. Does this mean I am no longer pro women; NO! I am still a feminist, loud and proud (to confirm; not the scary man hating kind, the kind that promotes gender equality). I will always be a Doyenne, but my participation in the management and operations just left me a little too thin on the ground for next year with all my other goals and commitments.

So, this is it, our last article of 2017 and my last for Doyenne (for now at least). For those of you that haven’t yet, now is the time to set your 2018 goals and re-evaluate your existing commitments to make sure you have the time to realise them. For me, what more can I say except let’s raise a glass (or a mug of tea) to a successful 2017 and a smashing 2018! It has been emotional!

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness in 2018, Emma x

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