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I have worked in the property sector for 14 years and my current role as Business Development and Solicitor at Realty Law Ltd. I lead the business’ development activities, work closely with the firms’
operations team, and play a significant role in building and strengthening client relationships with a commercially focused pragmatic approach.

What do I believe in?

 I believe that we should never forget the value of people, the sector we are in is so fast paced and we must always be kind and respect people. We can all support each other irrespective of our positions. Our strength lies in our kindness towards others.

Why is Doyenne important to me? 

In a male orientated sector, it is inspiring to see plentiful women
in senior position, like my fellow Doyenne ambassadors. They should be celebrated and showcased to others.


Being an Asian female, I have overcome many barriers in this industry. This has helped me grow and develop into the kind, compassionate and independent woman I am today. I would like to help women from all backgrounds, facing any obstacles; be that the struggle of Monday morning blues or greater by creating a community of practice that encourages and supports other women. As a mother, carer and sibling to several wonderful women I have years of experience mentoring and
facilitating other females.


Working with leaseholder especially in the sensitive area of debt recovery, my colleagues and I understand the mental struggles this causes, we have open forum for all who face this as we know emotionally this can be challenging.


Like my fellow ambassadors one of the greatest challenges, I faced was the ever-daunting return from maternity leave. Feeling alien to work and the ever-changing sector. I am thankful to the
women and men that supported me returning to work and taking the time to understand and meeting my needs. I am now a busy mother balancing full time work, networking and costa coffee in the daily routines.


Our industry has some amazing female role-models, whom I am really inspired by, and I will always be thankful for their time and kind words. Thank you!


“You are everything the world needs. Make those power moves. Be excellent.”Beyonce, 2020 online graduation and BLM speech.

Zainab Khatoon

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