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The Story of the Warwick Women..

A word about our fantastic sponsor, Warwick Estates, and Katy Williams, Senior Property Manager, who is one of the truly inspirational women in their business. Authored by Emma Blaney, Founder and Director of Productive Property People.


Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of those that attended the event on Thursday at the Royal Exchange. We hope you had a good evening and have further enhanced your network of legendary leasehold ladies. A massive thanks to our amazing sponsors, Warwick Estates, for the generosity and support.

As you may have noticed, due to the event space layout, we were not able to hear from the sponsor as we have done before. We did think about it for some time however, feared it may have come across more as a yell then a speech so thought better of it (something to note for future event space bookings). Getting the stories of our sponsors, and the fantastic women that work for them, is of real importance to us as founders. Their contributions and support to Doyenne and the industry are helping inspire change and improve the profile of women across the sector. Katy Williams of Warwick Estates is no exception and as she wasn’t able to tell her story on the night, here it is for you now!

In 2008, Katy Williams became the first ever employee of Warwick Estates. Starting as an office junior Katy assisted the founder, Craig Stevens, in managing a portfolio of 10 properties, around 300 units. Now, nearly 10 years on, Warwick Estates manage nearly 700 developments with over 30,000 units. And Katy, well she has been in almost every role and sat in nearly every chair, and is now a fully-fledged, qualified property manager looking after 12 challenging sites.

Katy’s success is a testament to hard work and dedication. In a company that has evolved quickly and substantially over the years, Katy has found her passion and worked tirelessly to achieve it. The tremendous success of the company so far and their extensive plans for the future continue to inspire Katy to learn, develop and achieve.

Warwick Estates now employs almost 120 staff and half of these are women. Promoting a gender-blind culture means that success of staff is based purely on merit, and with 4 of the 8 directors on the board being female we are pleased to see that this gender neutrality is paying off. And, as Katy said ‘The company has grown dramatically over the years but the core values have remained the same. We are a family and we support each other equally, regardless of gender.’

Katy has known, and continues to know, opposition. Being a young female in what has for a long time been known as a man’s industry can of course be a challenge, but one Katy is well able to rise too. For Katy, Doyenne provides a forum for continued change and the empowerment of women in the leasehold sector. For us, Katy is an inspiration and proof that you can achieve anything if you willing to work hard and stick at it. Katy is a credit to Warwick Estates and the industry. So here is to Katy Williams, the true Warwick Woman.

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