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Leasehold Women at work - Laura Severn LMP Law

Getting to know Laura Severn at LMP Law


What does your job involve on a day to day basis?

We’re a busy, growing law firm and so every day is completely different. However, I’m usually found visiting a client or potential client. I’m obsessed (and maybe a bit old school) about meeting everyone face to face!

What keeps you motivated and enthusiastic?

I really enjoy changing people’s perception of lawyers. Sometimes in a new client meeting I can tell there’s scepticism of what I am saying about how we are different, or what we can offer. However, fast forward to a few months later and the positive feedback from follow up meetings really gives me a buzz. Those meetings and conversations drive me on to ensure we maintain that level of happiness for everyone and hopefully improve on it further.

What do you feel makes your company different in the market place?

We’re a law firm but not as you know it! So far our levels of service are making us stand out to clients. However, the next 12 months will be big for us as we are about to announce some new offerings to the industry and so watch this space!

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career?

I’ve got a few!

Traditional education routes are not always the only way – think outside the box and find someone doing the job that you want and learn about how they got there. There’s always a way!

Sometimes you have to take a step back to go forward. I’ve done this more than once and each time it’s resulted in a lot bigger step forward in my career.

Finally, regular time off is essential – don’t burn out. You can offer more to any role if you feel refreshed. Don’t feel guilty enjoying time away from work.

What drives you crazy about the property management sector?

The negative and sometimes scaremongering press reporting about the industry. At LMP we’re a mix of leaseholders, flat owners and tenants as well as lawyers and so we understand the things that need to be fixed within the industry. However, there’s also a lot of good people doing a lot of good things and we just need to make sure that we shout about that as much as possible too.

Oh and also there’s so many awards ceremonies and events to attend. My wardrobe can’t keep up!

What do you do away from the office?

Unfortunately, I’m a Nottingham Forest supporter and so I can be sometimes be found at The City Ground hoping and praying for a win. I bought an old cottage a couple of years ago and so I’m part way through a crazy renovation project and finally whenever possible I escape to somewhere sunny.

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