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Doyenne etiquette


There are no requirements for becoming a member of Doyenne (except the obvious females only) and we are keen to continue to grow our network. We do, however, respectfully request that members adhere to our ‘House Rules’ when attending our events or communicating on our social media channels. These simple practices will enable us to ensure that people continue to enjoy our events and connecting with us and each other.

  1. Participation; get involved. Please post relevant content or questions. If there is something you would like to see more of just contact one of the founders- we will be happy to help. When you are at events- mingle. Make it a challenge- speak to at least 3 people at each event that you don’t know. Or ask one of the founders, we will be happy to make any introductions!

  2. Motivate and Encourage; through Doyenne you will connect with individuals from all levels and sectors of the industry. Use this an opportunity for inspiration and growth, to learn something or meet someone new, or to pass on motivation and encouragement to them for their journey in the industry. Inspire each other and together we can inspire a better, more connected, industry.

  3. Share, don’t sell; Doyenne is about passion. A passion for the leasehold sector, for inspiration and for the continued progression and success of women in our industry. Our events and networking bring a rare opportunity for individuals to connect on a human level and share their experiences. Although organic business relationships may grow from this please do not use Doyenne as a platform to ‘hard sell’ your company… otherwise you may not be invited back.

  4. Respect; sharing work experiences, aspirations and feelings means that individuals may be sharing sensitive or personal information. Information shared between Doyennes’ should be treated with respect, support and confidentiality. At our events please commit yourself to the ‘Chatham House Rules’ to speak openly, listen well, take ideas away but respect others’ intellectual property and respect confidentiality.

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