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Emily Gray

We are pleased to announce the new appointment of Emily Gray, our South Coast Ambassador.

  • Operations Director, Burns Hamilton

  • Fellow and Director of the Institute of Residential Property Management

  • Associate of the RICS

  • Honorary Consultant to the Federation of Private Residents Associations

  • Been in the Property Management sector for over 12 years

  • Strongly support qualifications and regulation of the sector


When we asked Emily why she feels Doyenne is important, she said “Property is moving away from being a male-dominated sector. However, there is still a stigma which needs to be combated. Doyenne offers support and motivation, by connecting women in the sector and building relationships. I am proud to be involved and widen the reach of Doyenne across the South Coast.”

The date for Emily’s Doyenne event on the South Coast will be announced soon.

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