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Elizabeth Higgs

We are pleased to announce the new appointment of Elizabeth Higgs our West Midlands Ambassador.

  • Business Development Manager at Dwellant

  • Associate Member of the TPI 

  • Junior Committee Board Member at TPI

  • I have been working in the property management sector for 6 years


I fell into Property Management” is what they all say, at first I just needed a job to save for camera equipment so that I could become a photographer after completing my degree, but then life threw a curve ball at me and I became passionate about helping people within my role as a Property Assistant at the time.

I have a previous 6 years of experience in Property Management within leaseholder-facing roles at different levels, now I work for Dwellant and my role allows me to speak with lots of different managing agents about their processes, how they get the job done, how they want to improve – and how we can then support and improve on what they already have in place via technology solutions.

I see what people have done for me throughout my journey in the industry, especially some of the fantastic women that I have been blessed to work with, so I place a lot of energy into continuing the cycle, especially with less experienced colleagues who deserve to be nurtured - even in an often hectic working environment – I strongly believe that kindness is key in all walks of life.

Whilst practically the job comes down to buildings, it’s all about people’s homes and investments and at the core of it all “home is where the heart is”. We all know that statutory requirements are a priority, I strongly believe that best practice is key to delivering a first-class service and beyond that doing what you can, where you can for the people who live at an estate or a building and within the neighbourhood/community it is situated in.

Doyenne is important to me as it provides a safe place for Women working in the industry to collaborate and connect, providing support with growth and knowledge in an inclusive environment which celebrates that growth, whilst also not only accepting but embracing and celebrating the many ups and downs that come with “womanhood” in a traditionally male-dominated field.

The way I see it, every person working within the industry is part of a puzzle and I think that if you can inspire and empower people you meet within the industry, at all levels by sharing knowledge both positive and negative experiences, it ultimately has a knock-on effect. If we have passionate, well-informed people who collaborate, who feel supported, who want to excel at what they do, and who can perceive the issues in front of them (in their personal or professional lives) in a different way, shaped by others experiences, we build a robust foundation for the industry and to ultimately ensure that the customers – the people this all filters down to are safe and that the buildings they live in are managed to a high standard across the board. That is the most important thing.

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